This work come from an experience lived in Zimbabwe: when I arrived in the house, I was told that changing money at black exchange would be much cheaper than the legal one, even if punishable by ten years of prison, we proceeded with the secret change, and after receiving a large amount of banknotes in change of few dollars, jokingly I say: I received a lot in change of a little, and the man replies: "This is Money, This is not Money". This reply originated  the idea of this work consisting of several Zimbabwean dollars and a American dollar drawn, reporting the phrase in question, which places attention on the meaning of money and on the relativity of its value. Looking deeper into the meaning of this work, note that the writings were made with banknote clippings and the "This is Money" was cut out of the American dollar, but was affixed to the Zimbabwean dollar, the "This is not Money" cut out from the Zimbabwean dollar,  was affixed to the American dollar. In this case the question is : what does the phrase refer to? to the clipping with which the writing was obtained or to the base on which it was placed? This ambivalence of meaning corroborates the concept according to which the possibilities of interpretation on the reality of the monetary world are articulated and related to geographical, political and ideological factors.